Bluephies Downtown Deli Deals with Blue Customer

Melissa Grau

I am in the process of applying to study abroad in London next semester, and while I’m eager to test my palate with the cliché British teas, fish and chips, and salty beef sandwiches, I detest the planning phases of this anticipated adventure with surprising vigor.

The most nail biting and road rage-inducing challenge so far has been applying for my passport.  Combining downtown parking, construction, faulty website information and limited business hours with my chronic forgetfulness resulted in more than one failed attempt at this endeavor.  Once I finally succeeded in turning in all forms to the proper location, it was 9:00 a.m. on a Wednesday and I was starving, caffeine-deprived, and manic.

Since I was already downtown and inevitably going to miss my first class, I decided to finally visit Bluephies Downtown Deli, the Food Fight extension of my favorite lunch locale that opened in April.

Walking into the little storefront on 222 W. Washington Ave., I felt comforted by the unique atmosphere that was oddly edgy and modern, laidback and comfortable all at the same time.  Similar to their parent restaurant on Monroe St., I noticed the Deli’s menu included creative and mouth-watering sandwiches and salads. Popular menu items for lunch include the famous chicken apple walnut salad sandwich, grilled lemon herb chicken sandwich, roasted portobello mushroom sandwich, and the chop, cobb and birkydorf salads.

But it was still early in the morning and I needed coffee and a hot breakfast.

Off the small breakfast menu, I chose the craziest sounding item, knowing from experience that Bluephies specializes in creative pairings and unique twists on classic dishes.  I ordered the breakfast quesadilla, consisting of two fried eggs, chorizo sausage, cheddar jack cheese and black beans in a crispy tortilla.

Not only was I not further disappointed with my morning; my palate was extremely pleased and my mind satiated.   The deli workers seemed unaffected by my salty demeanor and gave me friendly service and my strong iced coffee immediately. Despite needing plenty of napkins for the mess I created, the quesadilla proved to be an excellent breakfast combination.

 The relationship between affecting moods and going out to eat is curious. 

Like my Bluephies experience, dining out can help you regain emotional balance and put you in a particular mood.  I stormed into Bluephies with a spicy spirit and left feeling quenched.  At other times, you decide to go out because of a mood you might be in.  You might choose to go to a high-end restaurant to honor a particular achievement if you’re feeling celebratory.

So was it the customer service?  Was it the bold coffee?  Was it the décor?  Or was it the warm breakfast with unexpected tastes?  Any way you slice it, Bluephies Downtown Deli saved pedestrians, bikers and squirrels from being victims of my road rage.


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