A Fun Food: Ants on a Log

During the past week, I have been oozing with creative juices. I embraced several tactics to release my artistic energy, and one such way has been to construct different variations of my favorite childhood snack, Ants on a Log.

I understand everyone may need a refresher on what constitutes a genuine Ants on a Log, so here is a general definition:

Ants on a Log (noun): a delicious and healthful snack made by spreading peanut butter on a crisp celery stick, the Log, and subsequently embellishing the Log with Ants, which typically are plump juicy raisins.

Here are several steps I have taken to enhance my Ants on a Log experience, in terms of both compilation and consumption:

  1. While creamy peanut butter is delicious, I encourage creamy peanut butter enthusiasts to escape their comfort zones and use crunchy peanut butter the next time they make Ants on a Log. The texture of the chopped peanuts adds just the right amount of pizzazz to the typical Log.
  2. Furthermore, if one truly wishes to explore all Ants on a Log varieties, I recommend using Ocean Spray craisins instead of raisins. This substitution gives the Ants on a Log an extra zing while adding just the right amount of extra sweetness. Please note, in addition to plain dried cranberries, Ocean Spray now produces three flavors of juice infused dried cranberries: blueberry, cherry and pomegranate.
  3. For those who desire to completely shatter traditional molds regarding the original Ants on a Log, I suggest lathering the Log with cream cheese rather than peanut butter. While raisins pair nicely with this combination, I recommend using craisins because the craisin-cream cheese combination is exquisite.

Not only is Ants on a Log a scrumptious and healthy snack, but it also is one that inspires innovation. Above all, Ants on a Log exemplifies Fun Food. I truly hope this leaves the reader curious and eager to explore the many innovative approaches to constructing an Ants on a Log!


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