The Cranberry: Wisconsin’s # 1 fruit crop!

This Saturday I attended a cranberry harvest in Warrens, WI.

It was an absolutely amazing experience, and my friends and I enjoyed ourselves very much and learned more than we ever thought we could about cranberries!

Here are a few fun facts we learned:

*The Tomah/Warrens, WI area is called “Cranberry Country” because this area is home to more than 2500 acres of cranberry marshes.

*While Wisconsin has a total of 123,000 acres of cranberry marshes, cranberries grow on only about 13,000 of these acres.

*Wisconsin produces more than 300 million pounds of cranberries annually! Thus, Wisconsin produces over 50% of the cranberries Americans eat every year.

*Cranberry growers wish for cold, cold late-summer and early-fall nights because this weather gives cranberries their deep crimson color!

*Can you guess what Wisconsin’s number 1 fruit crop is? The cranberry!

*Cranberries float because every berry has four air pockets.

*Cranberries actually grow OUT of the water in dry fields! The water is added during the harvest season to make the fruit collection easier (remember: cranberries float!)

And, we even had the opportunity to put on “the boots” and walk into a pond of floating cranberries!


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