I’m that person

By: Chelsea Lawliss

My name is Chelsea and I’m a foodtographer. There. I’ve said it out loud. I’m that person. You know, the one who tries to nonchalantly snap photos of her meals before anyone starts staring. I can’t help it!

Don’t you just get that overwhelming feeling to capture the artistry of the way some dishes are presented? Don’t you just want to document the moment in time, because in just a few minutes the culinary masterpiece will be reduced to mush in your tummy?! Don’t you?!

Alas, maybe I am in the minority in this situation.

So, it is with this revelation that I begin my quest to share with you all of my foodtography experiences. As a sort of disclaimer, please excuse any shoddy quality photos. As far as I can tell, it is still socially frowned upon if one takes pictures of their food in public. So I must be discreet. And quick. I will do my best to give all the deets on the name of the entree, where it is created, how much it costs, my photography experience (i.e. if I get kicked out of a fancy restaurant, etc) and basically any other ramblings that come to mind.

Enjoy, fellow foodies.


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