Greetings and welcome to the first The Dish blog post of the 2012 academic year!! While my articles for The Dish focus on a taco source around Madison, my taco-reviewing project is global in scope, and the blog is a nice place to highlight some non-Wisconsonian tacos I’ve tried over the years.

Taqueria La Fondita (Lynnwood WA) - taco review

Dang good tacos!

As students return from various places around the Upper Midwest, US, and world, the first question on the tip of everyone’s tongue is often, “Had any good tacos recently?” Fortunately, my answer is always: “Yes, and let me tell you where!” Even though I stayed in Madison (well, Deforest) working on my research this summer, I often thought back to home, and more specifically the best deal I’ve ever got on tacos. While not the greatest tacos on Earth (that honor belongs to Benton Harbor’s La Perla), or even the best tacos in the Seattle Suburbs (Taqueria la Raza), Taqueria la Fondita provides an excellent bargain on taco plates – including chips, soup, and free coffee! And the tacos taste darn good too. Anybody else eat some good tacos this summer?

Taqueria La Fondita (Lynnwood WA) - taco review

Yup, look at all that free soup!



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