Leftovers: The True Gift of Thanksgiving

When thinking of delicious holiday food, one day stands out among the rest: Thanksgiving. Arguably the most food-oriented holiday, Thanksgiving has gained a reputation for being the day where we can stuff as much food into our faces as we want and not feel a shred of guilt about it. As we all now return from break, vowing to go the gym every day this week as our stomachs ache from eating too much pumpkin pie, it is time for one of the greatest parts about the Thanksgiving holiday: leftovers! While Thanksgiving dinner itself is a scrumptious delight for our taste buds, nothing is more satisfying than enjoying a turkey sandwich for lunch the day after the holiday. Nonetheless, in my humble opinion, there is no greater treat than having a leftover piece of pumpkin pie for breakfast – how many times a year can we eat pie for breakfast and have it considered totally normal behavior? Not many, my friends, not many.

Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving leftover recipe? Share it in the comments below – who knows, maybe your recipe will even be featured in the upcoming The Dish cookbook! I hope all of our dear readers are feeling rested and appropriately full after the Thanksgiving break, best of luck with papers and exams in the final few weeks of the semester!
Jared LeBlanc
Elite Three columnist


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